Contact information:

My email address:

You can find me far too often on Facebook:!/T.L.Sherwood

Occasionally, I tweet:!/TLSherwood1


And now for some banal facts about me:


Despite a lifetime of playing croquet, I’m not good at it.

I garden.

I like creeks.

I used to be pretty.



I started submitting about the time these pictures were taken. I never wanted to be accused of having gotten published because of my looks, so that’s why I chose to use T. L. Sherwood. Also, I’m not fond of my first name.


I’ve always found pleasure in nature, and am really well versed in turning away from cameras.

Now you know who I am.



  1. Hi, I found a link to your blog through the Boston Literary Magazine. Always nice to meet others who like writing short fiction. All the best.

  2. Hi,
    I’m so glad you haven’t put Convergence down for good! I understand your needing to take a breather from it. I had to do the same after my research took me to some dark territories. I’m hoping you find the effort worthwhile- and I love your new chair, too.
    Deb Madar

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