First posts have such an emphasis placed on them which makes it so hard to write them. Should I be witty? Tell a joke?  State things sarcastically? How about attempting to be just  myself… What will I do?

I welcome you to read this blog though I will be straight up honest with you, I am aiming for a post on every other Sunday.  Why?  Because while I’ll be thrilled to have you stumble across this page, I am a writer.  Most of my energy is going toward new work.   I am starting this blog as a place for you to find out just where those pieces have ended up – either in print or on a zine.  I was able to link one of one of my ‘most colorful’ pieces so you could listen to what I can do in a few words. I’m still learning the tricks of linking, so patience on your part would be appreciated . 

And that is it for my first post.  I hope to find you back again around here in a few weeks.  I’ll probably have a lot more to say by then…

Thank-you for stopping by.  So far, this is just between me and you. Are you going to keep it a secret?


  1. Hi Tammy,

    Your website is awesome! I need to create one someday when I get some quality work written. I hope to get together with you soon so we can talk. Maybe you could give me some pointers on how to keep on track. I look forward to reading your posts.

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