So today isn’t ‘my’ day

Well, you can pretty much tell how well your day is going to go when you switch on a copier to warm up and after a minute you hear a snap then smoke starts pouring out of it… I switched it off, unplugged it and took it outside where it remains…. lurking on my front stoop… daring me to open it up to see what went wrong.

I called the insurance agent because the secretary said she would mail the check after the agent wrote it. Today, he said he thought we were going to pick it up so what could have been taken care of days ago wasn’t…

A volley of phone calls began because my Grandmother is in the hospital and no one called my brother in Florida. This is unfortunate. So my sister called me to find out what was going on. I’m not sure of anything. She did share some lovely medical facts – and by that I mean frightening tales of coughing up blood and hemorrhages from paper cuts — truly inspiring details which I really could use if I decide to take up writing horror stories!

And it’s only 1:00 as I write this.

I thought I was going to record a “Voices” selection for Eclectic Flash, but that was cancelled. (It’s 8ish as I update — I wanted to record the rest of the day)

One good thing I can offer up is that my story is posted on Faith Hope and Fiction. The link is on the side — it’s the second one in the July/August 2010 Issue. Tricia did a wonderful job on the introduction and in helping me flesh out parts of the story that were a little weak. I’ve also had some great feedback from Hadassah Broscova. I’ve been writing and submitting for years and now that I’m starting to get published, the feeling of accomplishment is so great that I don’t mind as much the minor tragedies and worries of day to day life, even though the stress of a suddenly sputtering and smoking copier is not something I want to experience again anytime soon.