Musings on a Wednesday Night

Sometimes writing is really fun. I had an absolute blast writing ‘Of Wild Rides and Pirate Eyes.’ The characters were great and even in the last edits, I was still able to read it and wonder where it was going next. One of my first readers said he really loved it, which was fantastic. I worried/sweated/sent him three versions with admonishments to forget the last version I sent until he was probably sick of me. With that story, it was important that he and his wife liked it. I don’t think I would have written it had I not known them.

And now I’m at the start of something new. It has no name yet but it’s interesting. I had sketched out the premise in my last notebook after the end of a dream would not let me go. I even told people about it to dispel the notion I had, but it was no use. It was given to me to write, so that’s what I’m doing.

I do know I’m lucky. I think part of the ‘luck’ is a maturity based on an acceptance of myself that I didn’t have earlier in life. I occasionally want to kick myself for forgetting that other people don’t possess the same self-awareness I have. When I run into examples of jealousy and debasement instead of nurturing and encouragement of a talent, it disturbs me. It’s the reason I can’t watch American Idol/America’s Got Talent/etc. Yeah, I get it, not everyone can be #1, but why kill a person’s hope and passion? Just because you think you’re better? According to whom?

This is being written on Wednesday night. Not that I’m optimistic, but I’ve drawn up a “output calendar” I want to start following. Should things go according to the new ‘plan’ I’ll have posts on this site the first and third Thursdays of each month instead of the pell-mell intervals they have been going up. I’m glad you’ve stopped by to check in. If you notice me slacking, or not, feel free to gripe or praise in the comment section. I do read those you know.