I have no idea what I was thinking, but I was not thinking yesterday was Thursday. Perhaps it was the copious amounts of snow. Maybe it was worry. Maybe I need to change over my calendar pages in a timely fashion.

Fresh off NaNo and I’m very happy with the result. The rewrite will begin soon. Tomorrow is the TGIO party and I am looking forward to that and meeting up with the best Municipal Liaisons: Madeline and Sarah Elizabeth Diemer  (Sarah Elizabeth Diemer)… If you’re thinking about attempting a book and want to shoot for next year’s challenge, these two will ease you through the days until you’re on the other side wondering why you had the slightest doubt about the process. True, you do feel like you’re coming out of a coma at the end, but it is a delicious feeling; all sorts of lovely sensations face you and you think ‘I could use that in the rewrite!’

The snow. Ah, well, it happens. The upside was that my husband brought home a gorgeous filing cabinet that was scheduled for a dumpster rendezvous. It’s tall and beige and now serves as part of my cubby. This office space has seen a lot of changes over the years. I had to give up a desk to gain this cabinet and so far, it is working out well. I like the perception I have that somehow I am stimulating the economy by the reduce/reuse/recycle model we’re continuing to embrace.

All plans pointed to us traveling over the hill to see J.T.  (Jim Julie Tuttle)and the Law (Eric Lawton)play at Colden Lakes tonight, but the stamina just wasn’t there. Jim, if you read this, honestly, start the set before 8 p.m.! I don’t think the decision to not go tonight was because of the strange encounter that occurred the last time we went to see them play — a month ago — at the same venue. I knew it was going to be a possibility, but seriously, finding myself sitting across the dance floor from one of the deepest? greatest? fiercest? longest? loves of my life–Well, description fails me here; I haven’t given it enough thought. I didn’t think I was going to blog about this, but … “My Johnny” was there and he looked good; he looked fine and it was weird. Shalom. Put that into lyrics and sing about it.

By the by, have I ever mentioned that I love my husband? I do and can’t say it enough. How often is there a relationship where you can tell the other that you had thoughts about kissing your high school sweetheart and your partner doesn’t get mad at all? Some men are truly awesome. I’m glad I get to live with one of them. Until next time!