On the Other Side

So, this past two weeks I’ve been testing new directions in my life. I had the priveledge of reading slush, which was a good experience. Now I understand better nuance in different publications. Does that mean I’ll get it right every time? Probably not, but I do hope to keep a better look out for typos. It obviously had and impact on me. Last night I dreamt that someone was pointing out that I’d used the wrong form of ‘there’ in a piece. Worse, it was in the first paragraph.

Yeah, writer’s nightmares are scarier than folks nightmares. (I also dreamt that I went to a reception and was forced to sit at the kid’s table… See? Very scary!)

And then on Tuesday I ventured into the dark realm that once had the potential to be great, but morons got a hold of it and now it is a freezing, leaking, colossal mistake that’s loosing money hand over fist. (Thank you E.S.W. for your ‘vision’) *Sigh* I went to try out for a play. Had I known what the play was, I probably would have skipped it since I don’t fit either of the two female parts in the play, but it was good to get out of the house.

The snow is melting, but the drive is still a sheet of ice. The dog is impatient to traipse through the woods. I am, too. Will that furry rodent be correct? after all Will it be an early spring? I can hope…

Regardless, I do need to set up an observation notebook. In Ellie’s elephants, I sloughed off naming names of flowers since I wasn’t particularly sure if I had it exactly right. I mean, I know the progression of what blooms when, but I need to make meticulous notes of when some begin to fade and when the first shoots of the lilies and irises shoot up. Our “yard” is a bit strange though. Where we have peonies, one site seems to bloom sooner and lasts for a scant period of time compared to those by the driveway. Different sun exposure can do all sorts of strange things…

Here’s hoping the sun shines on you! Thanks for reading!