Dancing Lessons

For a while I’ve been going over to Colden. There is a lovely shop called Herbs and Things. The proprietor of this shop is Kellie Shanley. I met her during the first writer’s workshop meeting–can it be over two years ago? She was just getting her shop up and running and I was just starting to get published.

Over this time, I’ve begun to dabble a bit more with the–let’s call it spiritual realm. (My first foray was too much too soon.) I’d received a Facebook request to attend a lecture last night and I wasn’t really interested in it. At the last possible moment, I RSVPed that I’d be there. The day of, I was still a bit ambivalent about the whole thing, but it worked out that Husband hadn’t eaten much for lunch so I was able to prepare dinner early for him (that was my get out of going card)so I went to the lecture about angels.

Vonnegut has a line I memorized at one point, but have since forgotten. It was something about unexpected travel plans being dancing lessons from God… or something like that. I think last night was a manifestation of that principle.

Cynthia conducted the lecture and about midway through, she said she had two songs going through her head and they wouldn’t go away. I sat there and thought, “Well, they won’t be for me.”

They were “Tammy” from the Sandra Dee movies and “You Have to Believe in Magic” by Olivia Newton John.

Now, I’m pretty sure my mom sent those along. *Sigh* After I wrap this up, I’m going to look up the lyrics to the Olivia New ton John song because I think I was fourteen the last time I heard it so my memory of the lyrics is a bit rusty at best.

I talked to Cynthia after the meeting and it felt like I had 500 conversations I wanted to have with her. We glossed over a few and exchanged business cards. Well, hers was a business card, mine is still the mock-up I’m trying out to see if I like it because I’m afraid to decide on a design quite yet and since I don’t have that many occasions to pass them out, I can put it off…

So, I’m grateful I chose to go over the hill last night. One of the things that came up was the idea of to expect the unexpected. Last night really was beyond my expectations and I thank every being that made it possible. I’m writing this just after unplugging the computer and it’s wires and letting it rest. It was acting up yesterday and I hope this action fixed whatever was ailing it. I haven’t checked my email yet, but I’ll be on here with an update if there’s any good news–writing wise or on the grandchild front. My beautiful daughter-in-law is due any day now. May her labor be swift!