Deadlines Work For Me

Anymore, writing seems to have a good side that equals the sadness. On Tuesday, I finished the outline of Ellie’s Elephants and sent it to my (fingers crossed) future copy editor. I was under a deadline to get that task done and I did. I was so happy to step away from the computer screen after I sent it!

Sadly, I also received two rejections that day. The upshot was that one was personal, gave very specific criticism, said it was close to being accepted and that from a place I really want to have my work appear in. Such is life…

In the meantime, the washing machine started to smoke. It didn’t quite die, but the resulting delay has me behind on just one more thing and company is coming on Friday and I’d hoped to be caught up by now–or at least be a bit closer to having a semi clean house.

And though I’d heard grumblings of it, went to the restaurant and saw the new lust of my husband’s life, it arrived last night. While I agree the current front door had issues, I just didn’t expect the replacement to arrive so soon and be this grand. It’s a full light door with two full light windows on either side and then atop that is a curved arch with buffaloes etched into it. I think they are buffaloes. Maybe rams? I‘m not up on my horned animals. The fin tube will have to be cut, electric outlets and speaker plugs on the inside and outside will have to be moved, the light switches, the coat hooks… And it’s August.

Will this get done before winter? Will we have enough firewood put up? Will I have the final (Ha!) touches on the book done before I have to send it to the copy editor? These questions and more will be answered at a future time. At least the ‘did I meet the deadline’ one next time. It has to be pried from my hands on the first of September. I plan on having anxiety attacks. Perhaps if I expect them, they will not come. Until September, take care.

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  1. It feels SO good to meet deadlines and then walk away (no matter how briefly) from the project, doesn’t it? Congratulations.

    I’m sorry about the rejection letters. 😦 You said that one piece was close to being accepted. Can you tweak the piece, based on the “very specific criticism”, and re-submit it?

    Good luck with the washing machine. The new door sounds *gorgeous*! Please post photos after it’s installed.

    Do you work better with deadlines, or without them? Perhaps your copy editor can be flexible. (Sadly, this doesn’t work with weather, so I can’t offer suggestions about laying in enough firewood before winter.)

    Have a wonderful weekend! 🙂

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