I Hate Computer Problems!

If you’re reading this, it means the computer has been kind enough to allow me on-line. It’s been having what may be old computer issues, but on Tuesday it was having a fit. I ran the 2 virus/malware/whatever software programs and each said there was nothing wrong, but it continued to be lethargic and unresponsive. Maybe it’s not old age, perhaps my computer has hit the teen years. *Sigh*

I took it downstairs and it lie on its side like a beached whale while Husband opened it up and we used Q-tips and rubbing alcohol to remove the dust from the fan blades and the vents.  With the computer down, I decided to reassess my work area. With the HP printer dying (still miss its crispness) I replaced it with a Brother and I love it, but it’s a behemoth. What I came up with is a better solution, I think…

(A picture will be inserted here once I am able to trust the computer to behave properly)

The writing has been going well–I say this not having checked my email yet. I did receive word that The Legendary will be publishing my story, The Virgin Forest on the 20th. I still love this story so much for its vast scope of years and trauma in so few words.  One of the last things I was able to do online was send a pic for the author bio page. I was going to upload a different picture, but that seemed beyond the computer’s ability lately. I hate computer problems.

Oh, and some days I wish I were more observant–Mary Akers mentioned me on the Friday Fess-Up discussion board last week, which I’m grateful for. She won first prize for the short story contest (Congratulations again!) She pointed out that the contest was a National League of American PEN Women contest. Had I realized that, I may not have entered because I would have been intimidated and thought I didn’t have a chance, thus proving ignorance is bliss sometimes… I won Third Prize and an honorable mention in the Mary Kennedy Eastham Flash Fiction Competition . Hell, yeah! Part of the prize was an invitation to read at the award ceremony. I looked at prices and unfortunately, it doesn’t seem to be in my price range, though I did recently get a “confirmation” for my ticket to fly to Sacramento on American Airlines on the 20th, which is very nice, but I didn’t book a ticket to Sacramento. Ever.

Well, I don’t want to push my luck, so I’m posting this and signing off while I still can.

Thanks for reading!

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  1. Actually, Tammy, YOU were the one who was right, and I was wrong. It wasn’t PEN Women, but the League of American Pen Women. I just got an email asking me to fix that on my bio. I feel like an idiot! But I think I’ve fixed all my references (and found this reference of yours while I was looking). Sorry to have steered you wrong.

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