July with a Jolt

If you’ve heard this story before, mia culpa for boring you, but I’m still perplexed by the whole matter. I woke up Sunday and started to read The Buffalo News. I opened the Spotlight section and was thinking to myself, “I don’t know why I’m bothering to check. They are never going to publish one of my poems. Whatever.” And turning the page, boom there it was: June’s Chapter.

I was ecstatic. And then R. D. Pohl put the link onto my Facebook post. So awesome. Mary Akers opened a discussion about how to develop a F-it attitude. From what I understand, it takes practice.I’ve noticed myself that if I remain aloof and don’t get my hopes up, I tend to get more good ink rejections and/or acceptances that way. Yes, a rejection is a rejection, but a “we encourage you to try again when we open for submissions in September” from A Public Space is worth posting to my cork board. Some of the “We almost accepted you” letters feel pretty good.

Real life held an impromptu run down to PA for Husband to look at Whit’s roof. Here Husband is explaining what Whit has to do:

Then there was a week of visiting with my son, his beautiful wife and my grandson. We had such an action packed good time, from visiting Tuttle’s Yurts:

my Grandmother,

to a romp around Sculpture Park,

a trip to Niagara Falls,

a boat burning in the creek and then a non-party here on Saturday before they left.I didn’t get any writing or editing done, so it’s back to work around here. I hope your next two weeks are as productive as I hope mine will be. Adieu for now, and by the way, you look so pretty today!

(*These are just my reflections. Your experience may vary.)