October. Decoration Time

I love October!

This is the view from the middle of my labyrinth, looking up and to the South. The colors are even better than this picture.

We haven’t had much rain here, so a few weeks ago, when we did, I found a fairy ring in my yard. The long shots don’t really do the ring justice, so imagine a ¾ circle of these:


Too cute!

The Sweet Gum is starting to turn all sorts of colors:

And my marigolds–planted from seed–are still blooming:

Sunday morning, I got out the sailor’s skull that moans and vibrates creepily when the motion sensor is triggered. Husband knew it was out. I even told him where I was going to place it. He reported that he set down his coffee cup gently and it went off, catching him off guard. Too funny.

Yesterday, the flying bat went up. I have more things to hang, but I’m busy writing—NaNo prep!






*These are just my creekside reflections. Your experiences may vary.