Counting Down to 2020

Here it is, the last possible day to write my monthly post, and I’m starting it at 4:00 p.m. You may think I’m procrastinating but in fact, I’ve been very productive…and not just trying to capture a semi-decent picture of the cat in a Santa hat.

Actually, a lot of other “writer related” things have been going on, but I’ll be discussing those in the new year. In 2019, I did have some pieces published, but not a lot. I believe that goes hand in hand with submitting very little. In 2018, I was keeping tally with a goal – which I failed to reach – but this year? I don’t want to know. Writing – and all its aspects – is a process. So what if this year was different from others? I’m still a writer and have at least two pieces coming out in 2020 – one in an anthology (Please vote for team Blake & Jaimie!) and another in a dear to my heart journal. I can’t wait to share them with you!

This year was spent searching for experiences and connecting with people. I ran into childhood friends at the fair, enjoyed the hell out of the reunion with Husband’s family at the schoolhouse, and was joyful to attend a wedding with my family. One of my favorite parts was going back and forth with a writer friend on some of her pieces. She just revised one that would have made me cry at the end if I didn’t know what was coming. I know, I know, it’s more blessed to give than receive, but working on her stories truly showed me that and made my heart happy – though not as happy as Kobie was on Christmas with his new toys.


And I truly was excited to receive so many holiday cards. Thank you, thank you, thank you to all who sent one.


Perhaps I’m simple, but I do love them and now threaten to send more random cards throughout this new year. I saw a Tweet about calling a person a day to thank them for something. That’s not going to happen, but sending a “thinking of you” card? I could do that. Small actions equal big results or something…

One maxim I know to be true is that children would rather play with the box than the present inside.


The presents we found in our boxes were amazing! Many thanks to Michael, Mary, and Rachael.


But on Christmas morning, before we had our customary pancakes & mimosas, we each thought, “Rachael, darling, what is up with you and tape?” Another tradition…

Like lovely snow, that covers tree limbs in wondrous ways.


Thank you for stopping by and for the read! Happy New Year! I hope it treats you extremely well!


  1. Hi, Tammy! I always think of you on New Year’s Eve. I hope you’re happy and well and will have great success writing and publishing in the new year. Something to think about…consider plugging me at your favorite bookstore. I want to meet you! Help me make it financially feasible. Lol, that’s one way to do it. (Hell, are you up to writing a review or know someone for one of your mags?) Anyway, I’m sending you big big wishes and hugs of love! Sidney

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    1. Sidney! It is so fabulous to hear from you! I’ll see what I can do in the new year about getting together and celebrating your success. I am so proud of you! Cheers!

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