September Thoughts

This month seems contradictory in it speeding by while dawdling. The rapidity of the election taking forever to go from 60 days to 40 was cute. I’ll be glad when it is over and happy if the people I want to win do.

Reading has taken up more of my time than writing. I haven’t submitted anything either, nor queried, but I’ve been doing Pilates and thanks to Myfanwy Collins and Sarah Yaw, I’ve dusted off my Tarot cards.

I think there’s a story in there – one I haven’t discovered yet.

The weather is changing, the leaves are falling and the garden looks sad

but the morning glories are still blooming.

Deer, being the piggy pigs that they are, informed the consolidation of flowerbeds. I haven’t planted the bulbs yet, but this fencing should keep them out when I do.

We’re trying a new idea this year – leaving the base up for over the winter. Fingers crossed the snow doesn’t take it out.

The cat has a new perch to keep an eye on her domain. She’s hilarious. Anytime someone walks in there, she jumps up, stretches out, and adorably asks to be petted just like this.

Instead of the seasonal draining of the hot water heater, we bought a new one. The fear of the old one leaking and destroying the library has dissipated, but now the new fear is that the new is bad. Knock on wood, it isn’t but…

Otherwise, it’s been a mostly quick month trying to finish up chores before the raking starts.

I’m glad you stopped by and I apologize I wasn’t more entertaining. Cheers to you and yours!