It’s April and I’m vaccinated, how about you?

Ah, April, when I officially age whether I want to or not. This year, we went to Buffalo for a sump pump, which is just as celebratory as it sounds. Since then, I’ve had both vaccine doses, and on 11 May, I will be free to visit people I’ve missed. Fair warning: I believe I’ve forgotten how to human, so if I hug you and I normally don’t – or vice versa – let’s hope it’s a temporary hiccup in life and not a permanent change.

My head is deep into a story I like a lot. I’d sent chapters around to my group and they liked the characters, so knock on wood, Chris, Lettie, and Jason show up on your TBR pile someday. I will admit, being immersed in a different world helps pass the time while waiting to hear back from agents on my last book. Why did I choose to write again? Oh yeah, I didn’t. I wonder if anyone is doing research into the genetic blip that causes a person to become a writer. I’d race for a cure and fund that. Just kidding. I don’t like running. I don’t even like writing about running unless there’s a good reason – like a grizzly.  

Speaking of wildlife, new cat blends well into the surroundings, doesn’t she?

I’ve been out to admire the small flowers.

And the bulbs.

The furniture has been moved as closely to “summer” position as possible. We have a fire today, which is why everything isn’t in place. The slate has to be moved under the stove and the table I want at the end of the sofa will not fit until then, but otherwise, the house feels airier. I’m writing instead of submitting or querying, so my phone doesn’t often ping with notifications and the quiet is kind of nice.

Thank you for stopping by and for the read. Hope to see you soon!*


*If you’ve had both your shots and waited two weeks for the full immunity to kick in.