I heard an analogy about how life is a juggle and you’re going to drop balls no matter what, so the trick is to keep the glass ones in the air.

Financial dealings are a glass ball of sorts, so in a banking snafu caused by Key Bank when some moron in a suit decided to fix one problem, he created annoying ones that others have to live with and therefore I got to spend time in a bank today. The problem is unsolvable, so I was searching for any payments linked to a card and in the process I came across a surprise email from a dear friend. Thank you Teresa Tucker – and the owner of Julie’s who took this cover photo! It is from May and I have a shiny rock to also remember this lovely dinner with great friends.

Well, the hour to compose a blog grows late, so this will have to be enough. I don’t need to sweep up glass shards on top of everything else, so off to the dishes I go. I’m full of gratitude today and wish the same for you. Thanks for stopping by and for the read. Cheers!