Pulling the plug, a December tradition

Once again, the Christmas chaos calms down and a piece of my heart dies with it…but first, let’s explore the highlights of the past few weeks…


I know, this may not be a great thing for you, but look at the back:


Ink! From the Paris Review! I also got a nod of encouragement that I could take my writing to a whole new level and get published in the Reader’s Digest if I wrote differently, so I’ve got that going for me…

The Playwright’s Potluck dinner party at Donna Hoke’s house was amazing. I met Gary Earl Ross’s wife, Tammy, as well as other writers, directors, and actors. I reconnected with some people from previous parties or workshops and had a great time. Husband and I caught up with Stepson and DIL over dinner at J. P. Fitzgerald’s and exchanged presents before they left to return to Texas. Within two days of their departure, my son flew up from a different part of Texas to Indiana. We agreed to meet about mid-way on a Wednesday. The timing worked and in Cleveland, we had lunch with a great friend named Michael who turned us on to an amazing market. We wandered around in there while waiting for my son and his family to arrive. Husband and I had appetizers with my son, DIL, and both grandkids at Great Lakes Brewery.


While exercising off our meals, we stumbled across a glass operation with a resident chicken.


We got a tree – which isn’t that unusual, but we went with a living pine tree for decorating. We – and by we, I mean Husband – put up multiple strands of light.


All month, I’ve been receiving cards and notes from all over and I love each one. Thank you to all who sent us holiday wishes!


Nephew from Portland, Niece from Boston, and her husband arrived to spend the holidays with us.


During their visit, we went to the Eternal Flame. A logjam prevented me from going to the end because I’d brought the dog with us. He later thought he’d scored a rug, but it was a beautiful, 8 years in the making, gift from Niece to her brother.


We drove to Leicester to see my sister and another niece. I was able to make it to a writing session/gift exchange with Gina and Mary. I doled out bags of candy to the workers at The Comfort Zone and my other writers’ group. I stopped by and visited with Nina Fosati. So basically, I’ve seen pretty much all the people and I’m grateful for those interactions because today is a rough one. Like I said, I’m losing a part of my heart today…


She’s been in decline, but now – 4:30pm, actually – we’ll be driving her down the road for an appointment where we say our goodbyes.  I know, not the greatest way to end the year, but what are you going to do – other than wish you a Happy New Year. I’m ecstatic to be leaving this one behind.

Thank you for stopping by and for the read.

The Last Post of the Year

When last we met, I had a slew of writing projects going on and–No Surprise–I still do. I’m at an odd juncture where creatively, I’m excited and fulfilled but eh, when I’m away from the keyboards, I feel sad. I’ll attribute it to the pre-Mayan end of the world (even though they couldn’t predict the Spanish invasion) prophesy blues.

Besides displaying the Christmas cards, only the lamp lady was decorated this year. Doesn’t she look fancy in gold?


I need snow to get into the holiday spirit, and by the time we get it, it might be Valentine’s Day. Yes, that’s one Humbug to your Bah and I’ll raise you a candy cane that’s been turned into a Christmas shiv. I love the “idea” of the holidays, but with Christmas celebrations, multiple relative reunions, company parties, etc. I’m away from my craft more than I want to be and I know I’m lucky to have this wonderful set of problems, but they are problems just the same.

So, I’ll do what I can, step by step; bird by bird and carry on. Be grateful. Smile. And wish you a happy merry joyous holiday!


This is what happens when dogs are allowed on the table.


(*These are just my Creekside Reflections. Your experience may vary.)