Eternal Flame

Better days


I came across a volunteer lily in the field. I found a different one last year. I’m beginning to wonder if Husband is doing this just to muck with my mind. I know I didn’t plant any in this area, yet they bloom.

Doing the things I know to help, have helped. I’m not in a dark place nor as prone as to slip back there – even when I was insulted at a Springville Center for the Arts event last night…


There were two big changes that made a huge difference. The first was stepping down from my position as Managing Editor at Literary Orphans. I am sorry to disappoint Scott and Mike and everyone else, but it was the worst fit for me. I will be returning to Fiction Editor, a job I adore.

And secondly, in a strange twist, we have cable and high speed internet. For decades, AT&T and others swore it was too expensive to run lines this far. Spectrum came in and now we’re signed up for a 30 day trial of their bundled services. Everything was hooked up on Saturday. On Monday, AT&T called to say they could give us a better deal…right. It’s interesting to have so many channels. Husband and both adore being able to watch PBS; it didn’t come in in the summer with the rabbit ears. I still haven’t figured out this DVR, but I can get the one on Husband’s TV to work. It is such a relief to not worry about going over my data limit.

I took New Dog to the eternal flame. It was lit this time.


The following Monday, I took him to the groomers. Here he is, acting mopey like Sampson.


Next Saturday, “I AM PROMILLA,” comes out on Postcard Poems and Prose. I saw the mock up and it is delightful! Elizabeth did an excellent job. Also, “The Difference Between Us” will appear in Spelk. They choose the most interesting pieces over there. I am thrilled to share these two pieces wtih you and the rest of the world, so please do check them out. They are flash – it won’t take long them. Thanks in advance, and thank you for stopping by for the read!OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Been here before and it sucks.


So dear readers, I’m in a funk…dealing with several down days, what have you. I’m doing the things that help weather this mood. I plan on doing some more and getting through this, but right now, I’m not feeling “it.”

The news I was a semi-finalist for Grist’s ProForma contest didn’t help. Monarchs and dragonflies dancing around didn’t either. My first time to the Eternal Flame didn’t do anything for me, not that I thought it would…


There was a spark of momentary joy when I saw at least two bats flying at dusk because they haven’t been here in years, but it didn’t last long.

I’m not a fan of this nor do I want to bring you down to this hole with me, but it’s part of who I am, who I’ve always been, and I deal with it. Please don’t be that person & suggest medication or therapy.  Thank you for putting up with me.

Cheers to you from here.