Sleeping Puppy Ahead

This past weekend was full of activity but none of it related to our anniversary. A lot of things got done, but it was mostly dents in larger issues. Usually, the garden is a priority, but not this year.  Only last night did I plant some tomato seedlings and lady bell peppers. This morning, only three disturbances were noted. A creature pulled up one tomato, one pepper, and pawed through the row of bean seeds. Every year, it’s a fight with critters and those hideous, slimy slugs.

The fallen tree was dissected and disappeared; now we wait on estimates. One company arrived this morning and took notes. I’m not sure if we’re getting more soon. Life goes on while we wait, life changes on rainy days when we go to the SPCA…    

She is not an anniversary present as she came home the weekend before, but now she’s here and learning how to preform bodily functions outside. Meet our Janus-faced puppy who is not the mellowed out older dog we went in looking for, but, hey, a puppy’s exuberance at seeing you walk into a room is undeniably pull-you-into-the-moment magical.

Also magical – this white room.

As you can imagine, it took some work and the upkeep may involve a Husband repellent force field, but it’s like sitting in a tree house. Once we get screens for the windows, it will feel like it, too.

I’d love to chat with you more about nuance and not writing, hands as measuring cups, the buzz of no-mow May, and the synchronicity of the lawnmower’s wheel breaking the day before it ends, but there’s an endless list of tasks to complete. I’m keeping an eye out for flowers in bloom and stopping to watch butterflies. May you find time to do the same. And tip your servers well if you venture out to eat at Steelbound Brewery in Springville. Cheers!

Thank you for stopping by and for the read!

Cats, Dogs, and Cleaning

This month wasn’t filled with as much new writing as I’d hoped. Dread was pervasive; who knew sore winners would turn out to be lousy losers? I’m so sick of that noise. Perhaps that’s why I’ve returned to re-watching Gilmore Girls and hunkering down for another round of edits on a novel and some flashes.

The day before the election, a flock of bluebirds appeared in the south lawn. They didn’t get close enough to photograph well, but I enjoyed the rare sighting.

We also had a surprise visit from a troupe of kittens. One splatted. This one is still around, but shy. Another was injured, but I was able to catch it. Once in my arms, it turned into a love bug. I kept it alive overnight and due to “foster” being checked instead of “foster to adopt” on the SPCA form, the tech who treated it now owns that cat instead of me. Lesson learned, there…

Thanksgiving: The Meal was not photographed. This is the table, that was the wine:

I wasn’t expecting to be nominated for anything this year, and I was fine. Nina Fosati was nominated for a Pushcart and a Best of the Net and I was thrilled to be close to a nominee but then, the amazing Cathy Ulrich at Milk Candy Review put “The Thinnest of Veneers” up for Best Microfictions. I was speechless, and so darn grateful.  

Husband has continued with the basement clean up.

You see this corner? I’ve never been in this corner. He hasn’t been in this corner in decades. And now, there are shelves…

Tomorrow, the last month of this long year begins. Kobie has a surgery scheduled.

I guess I forget to tell him. Well, now I have to talk him down. I never should have told him about my blog.

Right, well, thank you for stopping by and for the read! I appreciate you! Cheers!