A Saturday in April

Last week, a challenge was put out on the Zoetrope boards… Have 50 things out at once. It was a daunting thought – at first – but once I looked at my binder, I saw that I had a few things that I still believe with all my heart are good enough and worthy of print – so I agreed.

I gave myself a two week option – because, let’s face it: I didn’t want to fail. I reread, edited, cut and got 13 things out this week. With the other bits of writing I already have out circulating in slush piles, I was down to 15 more things… Sigh… Then I signed on: a rejection sat there. I went out to get the mail: another rejection notice. (Also my copies of Eclectic Flash with ‘Quick and Dirty’ inside so it wasn’t all bad.)

So, I know that I can meet the challenge of 50 things out by next Friday. I will not be checking my email on Friday though… Or Thursday… and possibly Wednesday.

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