Snow. Yes, It’s snowing…

For many years, I thought my husband was teasing (or possibly a wee bit lazy) since he insisted that – besides peas – nothing should be planted in the garden until Memorial Day weekend.  Yesterday there were brutal winds, and today snowflakes are flying around like it’s the end of October.  So, he was right.  Now I believe him.  With any luck it will warm up soon.  I’m opposed to starting a fire in May, unless it’s outside at the campsite or in the grill.

I’ve completed a new flash piece that I rather like.  I read it over the phone to Sheila and we tweaked one thing.  She didn’t like the choice of the word ‘fact’.  One word to change.  No big deal, right?  I would like to attest that in a 121 word piece of fiction, finding the ‘correct’ word for one that worked well enough was one, long arduous task involving a long phone conversation, thesauruses, dictionaries and text messaging.  We ended up with ‘inevitability’.  As soon as it’s published, you can see exactly how different that one word is to the text. Though, if you’re as impatient as I tend to be, you could email a request to read it.  I promise not to think less of you if you do.

The sun is shining now and I think I’ll go outside to enjoy it.  I started ‘The Imperfectionists’ by Tom Rachman and Hardy just let Rory move in with her so I want to see where that goes. After the write-up in the NY Times Book Review, how could I resist?  So that is an early anniversary present from my husband.  He’s so thoughtful!  No wonder we’re still together after ten years.