Summer Arrives

So, this might be your first time here and that’s probably because you’ve been on the Girls with Insurance website recently. Welcome, and thank-you for reading my work. I do appreciate your time and interest and whatever little thing you do that makes you ‘you’.

One note, the poem you may have just read is based on a true story, just not mine — per se.

I’m writing this before that thread goes live- and to make another entry for May. “Write blog entry” has been on my list of things to do for at least a week now…

Family encounters seem to announce the arrival of Summer for me. I can’t tell you how many I’ve seen recently and plan to see many more Sunday at a picnic in Perry. I spent two hours on the phone with my sister last night, talking, trying to nudge her toward attending the picnic, too. It is always interesting to me that we fight but then can turn around and pick up a conversation as easily as we did when we were younger and sharing a bedroom with bare sheet rock walls and creosote dripping from the metal stove pipe.

I’d planned other things to write about, like how that piece was ‘finished’ as a flash on 7 May… How the members of my writer’s group are such fantastic people… How Dawn Corrigan is a great editor who helped change the flash into poetry… How she’s been thoughtful, encouraging and inspiring to me with my previous submissions and that’s what made this acceptance so wonderful – I feel lucky to have gotten a chance to work with her.

But you know how plans rarely tend to work out the way you think they will. That’s my own fault for making to-do lists at night. I have to ’quit making things so difficult’ and ’figure out end of Garrett story’ and ’make pasta salad’ and since the picnic is tomorrow and I just realized I don’t have salad dressing, this is the end of this post.

Thank-you for stopping by. It was nice to have been read by you.