The Difference A Day Makes

This month, the writer’s critique group was switched from the third Wednesday to the third Tuesday. I was pleased to find more people attended and a new member joined us. I was caught off guard as I hadn’t printed as many hand-outs as I normally run off, but for problems to have, that was a tiny one.

I love the members of my writer’s group. If I ever get a book deal, each of them will be given a mention on the “Special Thanks to…” page.

A change in the day had reproductions I didn’t anticipate. I couldn’t ‘switch’ my activities from Tuesday to Wednesday easily, so I’m running behind yet again. I had an FB email to answer which I was able to put off for a day. But then I received a volley of emails from someone I sent a physical letter and several pieces to a few weeks ago. This threw me off kilter because I thought I wouldn’t receive any response for a while yet. Those emails were fun to read though. More fodder…

So, when I started the ‘Celebration thread’ this afternoon, I was just about ashamed of myself. I only had one submission to report, and that was made early this morning. (Fingers crossed.) After babysitting, I ran up here to start to send out a few more things and now I am back to an “11” in my list of things sent out.

Tomorrow, because I didn’t go shopping today, I’ll have to do that and then on Sunday there is the kick-off party for NaNoWriMo. I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I am looking forward to the relative easy pace of November’s 1667 words a day — everyday.