Clueless, Willfully

I have no doubt that somewhere, deep inside me, there is a hidden bit that KNOWS that the instant I think something will go one way, it won’t.  I say this because I find myself having deeper reserves of patience, perseverance and lord knows what else every time I turn around.

National Novel Writing Month has begun and on day 4 (the night I begin this post) I’m at 6802 words–at least 100 words over the minimum daily count.  Is the story going well?  Not in my opinion, but that isn’t the point of NaNoWriMo.  The point is to get it out, then re-write.  Art is in the re-write and I just read that quote and I loved it, I’m paraphrasing it and using it and to whomever I stole it from, I am sorry. My short term memory is out to lunch at the moment. 
Last week, I put myself through a rigorous endeavor.  A very long time ago, Marko challenged those on the Celebration Thread to get 50 things out at one time.  I failed the first time–though I did get very close–which gave me confidence that it was a possibility. I finally succeeded.
What was a bit maddening was that I didn’t get rapid fire rejections the moment I reached the 50.  I thought that would be the result (see 1st paragraph of this post.) 
Instead, I waited.
I did get a rejection. It was personally addressed and gave me really nice compliments about my writing even though they rejected it.  Then I got an out of the blue vote of confidence I wasn’t expecting at all. 
“Quick and Dirty” was selected to be in the Best of 2010 Eclectic Flash Anthology.  I was so humbled by this.  I in no way saw it coming. I am grateful. Beyond belief stunned at the news.
Then, there was Thursday. 
I put in my 1667 words then signed on.  I saw there was no word about my recent submissions, sighed with relief and when I worked my way over to Zoetrope, I was a bit stunned to see that Marko had asked if I’d consider doing the Celebration Thread for another month.
To be honest, I stepped away from the computer to consider it.  NaNo is intense–I know this from last year. I loved doing the Celebration Thread though.  I decided (don’t hate me because I’m fickle) to let the daily horoscope in the Buffalo News guide me.
You will not believe me, but here is how that went down:
I stepped away from the computer.  I looked at the horoscope.  It said: Don’t stop believing in who you are and what you can do. Serious hard work will lead to a partnership that will contribute to your professional and personal well-being. Success is heading your way.
I returned to the computer to respond to Marko.  I sent a ‘Yes, I’ll do it.’
I went to start the thread and found he had begun it with an explanation that I would be working it a bit longer.  As I was writing my post to note the submissions/rejections/acceptances/new people reviewed for my count, an email popped up.
I thought that it was going to be a rejection to add to the tally. I was wrong. Very wrong.
To be quite honest, at this point in time, Robin Stratton is my most very favorite person, and here is why: “Rats” is fantastic, I would LOVE to include it in our winter issue!!
That is a direct quote.  She said this to me about my writing. All caps for the word love and double exclamation points at the end of the sentence. I didn’t know Editors got that excited.
A most exciting, thrilling, happy week.
Sigh… Getting it wrong is half the fun, I think.