Thoughts on the West Coast

The weather here has been nothing but gorgeous recently. Hey–it’s Western New York–I can’t say that very often, so I have to say it when I can. I think it’s a law or something. Didn’t I just read that passed in the senate? I know some awesome piece of legislation did…

~~O ~~O ~~O ~~O ~~O ~~O ~~O

🙂  Congratulations to you Sarah Diemer (and Jenn) and Hugh O‘Donnell(and your man) on your upcoming (legally binding) nuptials! I’m so happy for all of you! And I can’t believe it happened here before it happened in California–I really thought they would beat us to an equality alter–go figure.

O~~ O~~ O~~ O~~ O~~ O~~ O~~

It is a heady time right now in NY. This warm, dry climate I find myself ensconced in makes it difficult to prioritize. I’m having a hard time deciding my wants versus my needs; desires from tasks. And since it is western New York, I know I won’t have this problem for very long.

My revision of Ellie’s Elephants is going so well that I’ve started to look for agents to query.

One of the agents I’ve found in my search whom I’d love to have represent me is on the West Coast. Why do I want to query this agent? Let me count the ways… To begin with, she represents an author I love to read. Which is only partially true since I looked at the agency web site, I found she also represents other authors whose work I enjoy reading. Isn’t that something to look for in an agent?

-{-Should you yourself be an agent not on the West Coast and are reading this… be assured that in my head, having an agent at all is an awesome possibility. I’ve just started looking and it is a bit intimidating. I’m trying to find a good fit that will work right now and in the future.-}-

I’m so nervous about this process, though. I haven’t been on a first date in a while and this feels even more awkward than that–Are you sure there isn’t spinach on my teeth? No? Are you sure? What about my commas? Are all those in the correct spot? Did I remember to close all my quotes?— It’s unnerving. I feel like I’m going to be going up to some stranger and saying, “Um… Well… Here’s my baby. Yeah… Won’t you love it, too?” I probably shouldn’t look at it that way, but I do.

By the same token, as I near the end of another revision, I’m already feeling a sense of ‘empty nest syndrome.’ As I wondered in a recent tweet, What did I do before this novel?

I’ll be trying to figure that out until next time.