A Sauna Outside–

I believe I could take off ten pounds simply by standing outside today. Fifteen if I were willing to exert myself in anyway. In case we aren’t Facebook friends, last week was phenomenal!

I received an acceptance from Thematic Literary Magazine. They are using “Where Is the App for This?” in their forthcoming  “Smitten” issue. It was a piece I wrote a long time ago, originally called “Is the Mute Button On?” I changed it from a land line to a cell phone, had it rejected once and it was picked up the next time I submitted it.

Then, I received notification that my poem “I’ll Tell You This” was chosen for a Distinction Award in Midwest Literary Magazine. My poem, “What Are Friends For?” came out in Sex and Murder Magazine and Girls with Insurance took two of my poems. As an added bonus,  I wrote a poem I just love called “A Mistress Muses Over Tea” — Lady Heather on CSI was the inspiration for part of it, Samantha of Sex and the City for another part. I suppose it’s not that surprising that those bits fit together as well as they did…

This week is more normal with a few rejections so far.

Actually, it’s not that normal at all. We’re going to be picking up our niece from the airport on Friday night, throwing a get together brunch on Saturday morning then heading down to Pennsylvania to drop our niece off at her Dad’s home. But it’s early yet. Those plans could go out the window.

I’ve made a lot of progress in revising the novel. I’m debating whether I should take it with me on the trip to PA. I rarely get a chance to write when I’m there, though I did manage to write most of a letter the last trip. Everyone was cheering on the Steelers while I used their high speed internet to watch YouTube videos, but there’s only so many cute kitten tricks a person can stand before they want to do something else, so I wrote a letter.

At the moment, I’m washing laundry and contemplating “the mental diminishing return to publishing.” It’s something I hadn’t considered before, but recognized the symptoms in myself immediately. Ah well, I think it another form of ‘be careful what you wish for, you just might get it.’ *Sigh*

Off to load the dryer.

Stay cool if you can!