Minotaur Books/First Crime Novel Competition

First Post in the New Year!

We have snow! I was beginning to wonder if we were going to get any.

It’s a new year and so far it’s going well here. How are things in your world? I’ve been keeping up with everything and I feel slightly more efficient–still waiting for the endorphins to kick in, but I’m not holding my breath. I can’t, yoga discourages such things.

Why I decided to try yoga is beyond me. It makes me nervous to do things so slowly. Besides which, I think it is actually making me more antsy than before. Listening to the little weasel politicians the last few days has been torture. Why can’t these morons just get along already? I’ve been making snide comments and veiled threats. If I do it much more (or louder) Husband will take the radio away. I hate it when he does that. Not as much as when he locks me in the library for NaNoWriMo, but it’s a close second.

Holiday visiting was varied and fun. I got to annoy a bird. I don’t want one for my house, but I enjoyed watching it react and preen and chirp. I did not get to see somebody that lives in New Jersey now, but that just goes to show how he’s changed (Uh, BTW Jimmy, I’m giving your bucket of fudge away for blowing us off.) And I really thought Rachael would be in Pennsylvania longer, but she’s already back in Boston so I’m bummed I didn’t get to see her again before she left. (Miss you babe!)

Everything else was good though. We even had a “tree” this year and everything. As it’s being taken down, I remember that is why we don’t have trees. Putting them up is fun, but after is sad and hard. Kind of like writing. The story idea is great, and finishing a first draft is like plugging in the lights, then it sits and you finally have to rewrite.

I didn’t have any intention to, but it’s the fifth of January and I have 5 things submitted. If I keep it up–a submission a day–I’ll easily surpass last year’s output, which was 263.

I got confirmation that my submission to the Minotaur Books/ First Crime Novel Competition  was received. I had opted for delivery confirmation and saw that it was forwarded and I couldn’t figure out why. Once  it was delivered, guess what? I addressed my entry just like I was told to, but I was given the wrong zip code. So, whatever. It arrived. I believe I did everything right and that’s why I received the notification I did. I can’t find stats on previous years, but I bet it’s a tough competition. Keep your fingers crossed. I’ll let you know if I hear anything more.

I’m off to work on my entry to the Amazon Break out novel contest, wait…Ouch. There’s the first rejection of the year. Welcome to 2012!

*These are just my reflections. Your experience may vary.